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Charge&Fuel Card und App – Both a charging and a fuel card.

Charging and refuelling couldn’t be easier.

A single charging and fuel card, and an app – a multitude of benefits

With the Charge&Fuel Card and App issued by LOGPAY Transport Services GmbH, you can conveniently charge and refuel your electric, plug-in hybrid or conventional vehicle anywhere in Europe. You can already use the Charge&Fuel charging card and app to charge your vehicle at around 650,000 charging points in 27 European countries,* and the fuel card to refuel at 22,000 service stations in the LOGPAY acceptance network. Now, find out what else you can do with the Charge&Fuel Card and App.

All from a single source.

We combine the convenience of charging your electric vehicle with all the benefits of a classic fuel card.

Fast charging network.

Gain access to IONITY, Europe’s largest fast charging network with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW.

Cashless refuelling.

Use the fuel card to refuel cashlessly at all acceptance points.

Available across Europe.

Charge and refuel conveniently at our cooperating partners – all over Europe.

A single monthly invoice.

Receive an electronic invoice listing your monthly charging and refuelling transactions.

Charging and service station finder.

Use the Charge&Fuel App to find available charging points and service stations quickly and conveniently.

Reimburse drivers for charging at home.

The Home Charging service makes it easy for you to reimburse your company car drivers the costs of charging their vehicle at home.

Pay with your mobile phone.

Use the Mobile Fueling feature to pay for your fuel easily and securely, directly from the app.

How charging and refuelling with the Charge&Fuel Card and App works.

Apply for the Charge&Fuel Card online today and download our Charge&Fuel App. It couldn’t be easier.

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Easy charging and refuelling.


We have various fuel and charging tariffs that perfectly match your individual refuelling and charging needs. With our FUEL tariff you can refuel petrol and diesel throughout Europe. Due to its low subscription fee, our FLEX tariff is ideal for customers who make the occasional trip with a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The ADVANCED tariff includes standardised AC and DC prices nationwide, as well as consistent overstay fees for transparent and predictable expenses. PRO is the ideal solution for high-mileage drivers who need to charge their vehicle frequently and quickly. All our tariffs can be cancelled from month to month so that you can easily switch tariff if required.

During the application process, you can select any of the following tariffs:

Tariff FUEL UP FLEX ADVANCED PRO3                  
Price (excl. VAT) 0,00 €/Monat        3,50 €/month 6,00 €/month 11,00 €/month4
AC (normal charging) (excl. VAT) -                              Price varies according to charging point1 0,39  £/kWh1   0,39 £/kWh1
DC (fast charging) (excl. VAT) - Price varies according to charging point1 0,45 £/kWh1 0,45 £/kWh1
IONITY (excl. VAT)

0,62 £/kWh1


0,59 £/kWh1 0,44 £/kWh1
Blockingfee1 - Price varies according to charging point1

AC: from 240 min. onwards £0.04/min. (from 09:00 to 21:00)

DC: from 90 min. onwards £0.13/min.

Can be cancelled from month to month2

1 Electricity prices are traded daily on the stock exchange and, like fuel prices, are variable. The specified consumption-based electricity prices and overstay fees are the currently applicable prices in Germany. These are not fixed for the term of the contract. The electricity price and overstay fee components apply individually to each charging session. The consumption-based electricity prices and applicable overstay fees for the Flex tariff and when charging abroad vary according to charging station. The applicable electricity prices and overstay fees can be viewed in the Charge&Fuel App before starting each charging session.

2 There is no minimum term. The cancellation period is one month until the end of the next calendar mo.

3 In the case of the Charge&Fuel Pro tariff, LOGPAY will automatically lock in a corresponding tariff with IONITY. Consequently, it is only possible to select this tariff if the vehicle identification number (VIN) is provided to LOGPAY during the subscription process.

4 The monthly subscription fee applies to vehicle brands of IONITY shareholders: the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA , ŠKODA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Porsche), the BMW Group (BMW and Mini), the Mercedes-Benz Group (Mercedes and smart), Ford Motor Company and the Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai and Kia). The monthly subscription fee for other (non-shareholder) vehicle brands is €15.20 excl. VAT for corporate customers and €18.09 incl. VAT for private customers.

Our additional services.

In addition to the Charge&Fuel Card, we offer other services that enable you to charge and refuel your vehicle without worry.

The Charge&Fuel App.


In addition to the Charge&Fuel Card, we offer other services that enable you to charge and refuel your vehicle without worry.

  1. Find.

    Find available charging points and service stations quickly and conveniently in the Charge&Fuel App..

  2. Charge.

    Depending on the provider, use the Charge&Fuel charging card or app to authenticate, start and end a charging session.

  3. Refuelling.

    Refuel cashlessly by presenting the Charge&Fuel fuel card and entering the corresponding PIN.

  4. Keeping track.

    A monthly collective billing cycle makes your transactions fully transparent.

Overview of the Charge&Fuel App features:

Filtering options in the fuel and charging app.

Filtering options such as plug type and fast charging stations for electric vehicles make it easier for you to search for charging and service stations. You can easily add preferred destinations to your favourites.

Detailed information.

In the app you will find detailed information such as service and charging station locations as well as their current availability.


Use the app to navigate directly to your selected destination and plan your subsequent route.

Starting and ending charging sessions.

Depending on the provider, you can use the app to start and end charging sessions for your electric vehicle. Authentication is via QR code or your card.


All charging and refuelling transactions made using the app, including duration and costs, are clearly displayed directly in the app.


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